You get what you pay for

I have been using the Armytek C2 Pro’s now for a while and have to say they have been impressive.
Priced at just over £90 this unit initially appears a little expensive, but quality comes at a cost.
I have 2 models, the white light and the warm light, my son uses the warm light version for freshwater night fishing, apparently it puts less glare on the water.
The C2 Pro is a true multi-flashlight and is packed with features, however I found the instructions a little confusing, so I have stuck with the main basic features because they suit my needs perfectly.
In my review video, I will be demonstrating how to unlock the strobe and Firefly features.
Just as a footnote, when in Firefly 1, the C2 Pro battery will last for 64 days.

C2 Pro 2 options cool light or warm light

Lets take a look at the specifications

C2 pro max multi-flashlight specifications
Armytek C2 pro whats in the box

In the box you get everything you will need for day to day use, a magnetic charging clip, a belt clip, a belt pouch and a headband assembly.
There are also some really neat features behind the scenes.
Let’s look at the white light version, which is slightly more powerful than the warm light option.
The standard modes I always use consist of:
Main 1 – Main 2 – Main 3 and Turbo
Main 1 has 45 Lumens and a 64-hour run time.
Main 2 has 150 Lumens and a 21-hour run time.
Main 3 has 450 Lumens and a 7-hour run time.
Turbo has 4000 Lumens, which drop to 900 after 50 seconds, as the C2 Pro can get very hot on full power.
Turbo has a 3.5 hour run time.

C2 pro first power level

Main level 1

C2 Pro turbo mode


Safety first

Because of the power, the C2 Pro has a safety feature, the base of the unit needs to be turned a 1/4 counterclockwise to disconnect the power when not in use, this also is required when charging with the magnetic charger.
I will explain more in my review video

The bike mount is perfect for my Engwe P275 Pro E bike

Armytek bicycle mount
Armytek C2 Pro bike mount

I got the optional bike handlebar mount which was worth buying, the fit is snug and the build quality is to a very high standard.

Armytek C2 Pro magnetic base

The base of the C2 Pro Max has a very strong magnet, which snaps onto anything in its path, I found this magnet system to be perfect for under bonnet work.

Warranty and other stuff
The C2 Pro boasts an IP68 certification
The C2 Pro comes with a 10-year warranty.
The C2 Pro can be submerged up to 10m for up to 5 hours.
It is also impact resistant up to 10m, now I can see why it is made from high quality aircraft Aluminium.
You can find out lots more information and see the wide range of products on the Armytek website
If you did want to purchase, remember to use the code: “SKILLS1” at the checkout, you may even get a discount for being a part of the skill school community.

As you can see the headband uses the same high quality connecting system, the C2 Pro can be rotated to set the optimum work angle.

We will have a comprehensive test video out soon, so stay close!

See the Armytek wizard C2 pro in action