Choosing the right metal detector

You can use any metal detector to get started, however choosing the correct machine will fast track you to success, because not all metal detectors are the same.
Most will work on dry sand, however many will not work on wet sand, and this is where an ideal choice is a multi-frequency machine as they can automatically eliminate the false signals given from the wet sand and surf.
My machine of choice is the XP Deus 2, its light, powerful, and will excel on any beach, plus it is small and quickly folds down into a backpack.
The XP Deus 2 has an easy-to-understand user interface and is equipped with switch on and go factory programs to suit just about any terrain, for beach hunting, I find Beach Sensitive is a good choice.

Where is the best place to hunt?
When I started beach hunting I automatically assumed the process was to let the tide go fully out and detect as far towards the sea as possible, in later years I have learned to follow the treasure.
And this could be way up the beach, for many reasons, such as sea defences, Groynes, tide line.
you can see some perfect examples in my video at the bottom of this page.

Choosing the correct clothing
We all have a vision of searching on a sun baked beach in sandals and living our best lives, however the reality of beach hunting can be very different.
Because the beach changes from day to day, timing is essential, so be prepared to hunt the beach in all kinds of weather.

Digging tools
There are 2 choices really, a sand scoop or a long shaft spade, very much depends on the type of beach, typically I find the spade to be a better choice in heavy shingle.

The golden rules to beach metal detecting

Timing is everything, make sure you search at the right times, such as after a storm or an interesting tide, what you are looking for is changes to the beach, erosion, dips and low points indicating sand has been stripped off, exposed rocks or black sand are all key signs.
Be the Gray man
Try to metal detect when there are no people around, if you start metal detecting around sunbathers, they will soon become annoyed.
Check the local tide timetables, if your best opportunity is to search at night, then so be it, providing you have permission.
Local information is solid Gold
Talk to the locals and find out how the beach has changed over the years, this will fast track you to the best areas of older habitation.
Check out my comprehensive video on beach metal detecting.