More power-More fun

The original Engwe Engine pro was my first e bike, as soon as I rode it I was hooked on the concept, and what it could offer me in terms of transport, fitness and enjoyment.
I would like to say when I was offered a chance to test the Engine Pro version 2 I was enthusiastic, but it didn’t excite me, even knowing it had more power and a torque sensor I could have still walked away from the opportunity.
Foolishly, I based my judgment around the visual aspects of the two bikes, without really thinking what the upgrade could bring to the table.

I contacted Engwe and was totally upfront and honest about my concerns.
Engwe said “just ride it” then you will have a different opinion.
So I decided to go for it and order an Engine Pro version 2.0 in electric Blue.

Assembly took around an hour, I did notice some welcome upgrades along the way, such as extra strengthening to the rear mudguard mount and a new user interface.

Initially the throttle was not activated, but there are some easy fixes on YouTube.

My initial test
I rode the version 2 to my testing ground which was a 15-minute ride from my house, it didn’t take much working out, that this was a totally different bike, with much more control and predictability when riding.

The Torque sensor makes the bike become a part of you, rewarding with power the harder you push the pedals.
The earlier Cadence sensor gave a whoosh of power as soon as it sensed pedal movement…fun, but ghost peddling became boring after a while.

Another welcome addition was the extra torque, 75nm compared to the 55nm from the version 1.0
This made slow manoeuvring with the throttle very confidence inspiring.

I couldn’t wait for my next test was going to be some challenging hills

The hill test

I have 4 hill tests, 3 are realistic and 1 is optimistic, my challenge was to test the Engwe Engine Pro version 2.0 on the hills in a sat down riding position, with minimal pedal pressure.
You will need to watch the video below to see how it faired.

The ultimate e bike testing ground