Is it a drone or is it a camera?

The Hover air X1 is both a drone and a camera I guess, I like to refer to the X1 as a simplified flying camera for the solo content creator.
Capable of some really cool shots without the need for a controller.
The Hover Air X1 is not out there to compete against the bigger drones, it has its own niche…. But at a price.
What do I like about the Hover Air X1
Firstly the simplicity, simply turn on and select your flying mode, as soon as the drone is in the air it starts filming, when it lands, it stops.
The flexible cage is one of its strengths as there is no obstacle avoidance, if it crashes into things and falls to the floor, dust it down, and you are good to go again.

Camera specs and storage

The camera is a 2.7k with 30 fps, the only way you can get slight slow motion is to use 1080 60 fps, which is pretty poor.
The Hover Air X1 has inbuilt storage of 32Gb with no option for an SD card.
I found the video quality to be OK for social media, but not in the same league as something like the DJI Mini 3 pro.

How easy are the modes to select

Selecting the flight modes couldn’t be easier, there is a choice of 6 while viewing the top of the drone, plus advanced features when using the Hover Air App, such as flight height and distance.
Your footage can be easily downloaded to your phone for storage or editing.
While we are on the subject of editing, I found the codec to be very user-friendly in Premiere Pro.

Take off and landing the Hover Air couldn’t be easier, simply switch on with your palm flat and the camera facing you select your flight mode, and off it goes.
Landing is exactly the opposite, you can also use arm gestures to control some functions.

Below are images from the Birds eye and Orbit modes

The tracking mode is very effective and perfect for getting those moody detecting or mountain bike shots.
Dolly track is when the drone is in front of you and moves backward as you walk.

What about the price ?
Priced at over £400 for the combo kit I feel is a little expensive, I purchased my unit from Amazon as they have a very good return policy and customer service.
Buy the Hover Air X1 here :

Watch the full Skill School video below for more information.