Where would I class the Go Go Best GF 600

The GF 600 is a true outdoor adventure E Bike and I am loving every minute of it.
This bike has some impressive stats, plus it is a real head turner with that Black and Yellow colour scheme, which just by chance matches the Skill School colours.
Having a quick look at the specifications, it is running a 1000W motor with 5 pedal assist modes, the 26″ fat grippy tyres really inspire confidence when riding off-road, and combined with the adjustable front suspension, really soak up the terrain.
While on the subject of terrain, this Go Go Best is a real climber, I tested it on a hill what was a challenge to walk up and it smashed it like a champ.
When using first gear and pedal assist 5, you feel unstoppable when it comes to hills.

Screen and power options

The Go Go best GF 600 has a throttle but is only live when in pedal assist 0, levels 1-5 disable the throttle and only offer electronic pedal assist, which I must say is very punchy.
I found the throttle great for cruising and low speed manoeuvring, but not an ideal choice for hill climbing.
The LCD is clean IP 54 dust and water-resistant, along with being clear and simple to understand.
Powered by a 48 volt battery it can comfortably hit ranges of around 40 miles, the manufacturers claim 60 miles, but I guess that is under perfect conditions.
Using the throttle only can reach around 17mph and pedal assist just under 30Mph
Here is the GO GO Best build video

GoGo Best information

The current UK price is around £1200
Go Go Best have a huge range of E bikes available on their website: https://gogobest.com
@gogobestbikes Purchase code:GZGF60
GOGOBEST GF600(EU, UK, USA warehouses are all available for shipping, depending on which countries you are from. Delivery will be made within 5 days):https://s.zbanx.com/r/Cr8v9KIFiIuC

Other deals from Gogobest(Limited-time price drop + free Gift! ):https://s.zbanx.com/r/x6zBbm72S2TK

I think this machine offers excellent value for money, and is one of the best looking e bikes I have tested so far, it has an aggressive stance and looks like it is going 100mph, just stood still.
Build Quality
The Go Go Best build quality is what I would describe as above average for Chinese E bikes, the welds are neat, the bike has a good planted feel with not bangs or rattles as you ride it over rough ground.

Go Go Best build quality

There is so much more to say about this fantastic e bike, check out my skill school video below where we test it out at Viper Ridge and find out why it has changed it’s name from Go Go Best to Go Go Beast.

See this amazing E bike in action