Portable cleaning power at your fingertips

This is the first time I have had an interest in battery powered pressure cleaners, it was purely by chance, I was watching the High Street TV Channel when the JetHawk popped up, it got my imagination working overtime, thinking about all the jobs it could do….providing it was any good.
At only £69.99, it didn’t really inspire confidence, as other units from better known manufacturers were at least 3 times the price.

Over several days, the Jet Hawk kept appearing in my thoughts, on one occasion I was metal detecting on the beach and my XP Deus 2 was covered in sand and salt, I wanted to clean it down with fresh water before I packed it away, the Jethawk would have been the perfect tool for the job.
Later on that evening, I called the High street TV number and ordered one.

The Jet Hawk has a hard case and some impressive accessories

When I opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and accessories provided, a revolving 6 in 1 nozzle with 6 spray options ranging from jet to 45 degree fan, 2 extra spray nozzles, a water pick up hose and filter, a soap dispenser bottle, a 5m syphon hose.
The Lithium battery is 36000 MAH, included is a 240v charger.
Jet Hawk say, on a single charge, it will have a 45-minute run time, which is plenty for what I needed, the pressure delivered is around 6 Bar so way more powerful than a good hose pipe.
How can they do this for £69.99, there has to be a catch…..right !

No catch, this is the real deal!

The Lithium Iron 3.6Ah battery claims a 45 minute runtime on a single charge.

Portable power in the palm of your hand

If you are using clean water, the pickup filter is not required.

Surprisingly efficient

My first test was a quick car clean, just to see what power the Jet Hawk delivered.
Although the Jet Hawk can be operated directly from a hose pipe, I wanted to try a portable water source, because that was going to be its main use for me.
A 10 litre supply would be a good test to start off with.
The soap bottle attachment was easy to attach and did a great job of foaming the car, even though I only used washing up liquid.
I then I switched to the 45 degree option on the rotary nozzle and let loose.
I can honestly say the pressure was more than enough, it cleaned the heavy dirt from my car with ease.
I will cover the Jethawk in more detail when I release my video review.

6 times more powerful than a standard hose pipe

My Jethawk thoughts so far

I love this little Jet Hawk, for only £69.99 it is a bargain, I will be using it more often than I need to, just because of its portability and practicality.
It will be perfect for small cleaning jobs, such as metal detectors and equipment, My Engwe E bikes, cars, trailers….the list goes on.
For more information, check out the High Street TV Channel.

See the Jethawk in action