Engwe P275 Pro safely packaged

Assembly took about an hour

The Engwe P275 Pro arrived well packaged with most of the frame items still attached.
I had to install the front mudguard, the front wheel, seat unit, pedals, handlebars and small items such as the bell and rear light which fits snugly under the adjustable saddle.
No tools are required as a tool kit was supplied, along with a 240v battery charger, the bike battery is removable, but comes shipped inside the frame.

Frame and build quality
I found the paint finish to be quite remarkable, the welds are neatly blended to make it look like it was made from one piece of Aluminium.
Nice touch Engwe !

Seat stem
The seat stem is hydraulic, operated by a small lever to make fast adjustments.
The seat height was going to pose a small problem, even at minimum height it was still a touch too high, sadly I am not a tall person.

Engwe P275 Pro build quality is amazing
Engwe P275 Pro 180mm disc brakes

Bafang mid-drive with 3 speed automatic transmission

Engwe P275 pro 3 speed transmission

All connected together with a Gates Carbon belt drive

User interface and Power

When powered up the P275 springs into life, the UI is very simple to understand, it boasts 5 riding modes from Eco to Turbo along with a 3 speed automatic transmission and Bafang torque sensor, linked to the pedals and not the rear motor like on the Engwe Engine Pro.
Because the Engwe P275 Pro in an EU compliant bike, it is equipped with no throttle option and a 250 Watt motor which will peak at around 25Kmh or 15Mph.
The motor is purely an assistance, and just like a conventional bike, the boost is controlled by the pedal pressure.
So the more pedal pressure you put in….the more performance you get out.
Speed and range
Engwe claim the range is around 260Km, but these are in the lowest pedal option and perfect rider weight and conditions, I think a realistic figure will be around 200Km which is 125 miles.
In maximum pedal assist of 5, it will be just under 100 miles.
The batter is a 36V 19.2Ah, made from Samsung cells, and takes around 8 hours to charge from empty.

Engwe P275 Pro controller

Tektro hydraulic disc brakes
My first thoughts before I ride the Engwe P275 Pro.

I would class the Engwe p275 Pro as a commuter / city bike and use for occasional light trails, perfect for those sunny days when you just fancy a ride out.
The rear rack has a good carrying capacity and will comfortably hold 25Kg.
So far, my only 2 issues are :
The saddle height – 92 to 98cm, which is just a touch too high for me, even in the minimum position, I think I will need to purchase another saddle stem with no hydraulic mechanism and that will gain me another 2 inches less.

The second issue is with the brakes, they are on the wrong side, front brake is on the left and rear on the right, which will certainly be an issue if breaking in an emergency. I crashed my Engine Pro due to the same problem.
I think E bike manufacturers from China should all work to the same standards as motorcycles and other hand braked vehicles.
Front Brake Right – Back Brake Left.
More information and current prices are on the Engwe website

Engwe Engine Pro and the P275 pro

Watch my Engwe P275 unboxing video here

Engwe P275 Pro review video to follow shortly