carbon fibre metal detector stem from Italy


There are so many small industries out there that compliment the metal detecting world, I am very fortunate because I travel to events and meet some wonderful and clever people from the metal detecting world.
Recently while attending a rally in Italy hosted by the FIMD (federation of independent metal detectorists) I was given a really impressive carbon Fibre XP Deus stem to try.


Strong 1mm Carbon Fibre that is a lot stronger than ABS.

CollapsableĀ  with locks

Folds down to 639mm – Fully open 1470mm – Sturdy locking tabs

Folding controller

The handle and controller folds flat to ensure a smaller footprint.

My first thoughts

Brilliant idea

The folding handle is a brilliant idea, it makes packing into a backpack so easy.

Controller clamp

Deus RC stem clamp

The RC stem clamp is another nice idea, not only does it securely mount your controller onto the stem by using a small locator screw, it also offers the user to change screen orientation,
I find this feature particularly helpful in direct sunlight when filming the screen in my metal detecting videos.
I can simply unlock the clamp and move the RC to another position.
Bleeper Bob has made a similar modification to better help secure the RC to the stem.
Personally I think the RC mount on the Metal Extreme is a little flimsy and has probably undergone a revision this post has gone live.

small metal detecting stem for all models of metal detector

Simple but effective


I think these Metal Extreme stems are available from Italy only, I have not found any other outlets.
Perhaps it will be worth contacting the vendor via their website, as they may post to the UK or other parts of the world.

Suitable for a wide variety of metal detectors

The Metal Extreme stems are not one size fit all, however there are several variants available to suit most metal detectors.
The XP Deus 2 stem weighs only 430gr and has a price tag of 189 Euros.