They say the simplest solutions are the best, and in this case it is true.
Bleeper Bob is a Ninja with the 3D printing machine, his expertise never fails to impress me,
When he said that he had just made a revised RC mounting clip for the XP Deus 2, XP Deus 1 and ORX, I couldn’t wait to give it a try.

Fitting is simple, just unscrew the original item and replace with the grippa.
One the RC is in place, gently tighten the thumb screw until you feel slight pressure.

You may have already noticed there is a small lanyard loop for those still concerned about losing an expensive part to their XP metal detector.

Prices around £15 plus post, soon to be available from the Skill School online shop,

Below, you can see the spade mounting bracket Bob made for my Engwe Engine Pro E Bike.

E bike showing the front suspension
large spade attached to an e bike ready for metal detecting