XP metal detectors have taken the metal detecting world to new levels with their XP Deus 2 range.
XP’s WS6 Master range is now even lighter, with several configurations to choose from.
The WS6 module has basically the same functions as the Deus 2 RC, although they are accessed in a slightly different way.

Amazon price £799

XP Deus WS6 master metal detector in a muddy field
XP Deus WS6 master showing the controls

Let’s take a look at the WS6 module and see what it has to offer?

First of all it’s the size, the small compact module is supplied on its own backphone and can be used out of the box as a simple stealthy stand-alone machine with no visual reading, this configuration is audio only, and some say this is the best way to learn the XP Deus.

The weight, the WS6 master on the stem only weighs 740g with the 9” coil, the module on its own is only 30g.
That’s a super light set up that will appeal to many.
The price is pretty amazing too, at the time of writing only £799 including a 5 year warranty

If you choose to mount the WS6 module onto the stem, you can now use it as a visual reference.
It van now be paired to any XP Deus 2 wireless headphones, the picture on the right shows the WSAII XL headphones what are a full cup.
Another popular choice is the WSA II lightweight backphones.

It may be worth noting that XP use their own blue tooth connectivity protocol which makes it 10 times faster the low latency Bluetooth headphones

man in camouflage wearing headphones while metal detecting

Does the XP Deus WS6 have the same power as the XP Deus RC?

Yes, the power and performance are exactly the same, the WS6 has most of the features to. Due to the size of this tiny metal detector, there is no room for an on-board speaker, however you can always use an after market external speaker if desired.

You can see the XP Deus 2 WS6 master in action here!