XP Deus 2 the future meets the past

As many of you know XP has to be one of the fastest evolving metal detector manufacturers out there, not just machines but also metal detecting accessories such as pinpoint probes, search coils, rucksacks, the list goes on.

What advantages does the XP offer

Man in a field with a metal detector next to a large German Shepherd with hills in the background

The XP Deus 2 has evolved from the Deus 1, some of the basic features are the same, such as coil mouldings, stem and overall appearance. However, under the bonnet the XP Deus 2 is a totally different metal detector, suitable for all types of searching, inland, beach and even diving.
This is all thanks to so cutting edge software and a waterproof design.
As with all XP machines the XP Deus is still modular, so everything is plug and play.
The XP Deus 2 WS6 master
let’s not forget the stealthy XP Deus 2 WS6 master, this configuration uses the headphones as a controller…. Did you know, the headphones have their own menu, so can control the metal detector without the need of an RC.

Amazon price £1399

XP Deus 2 find the best deal on Amazon

For many people, the simple fact that it is lightweight and portable is enough to seal the deal, but the XP Deus 2 has so much more to offer.

  • Lightweight and portable

  • Multi frequency for land and beach

  • XP’ s own dedicated wireless system 1o times faster than low latency headphones

  • Fully waterproof

  • Choice of search coils

  • Modular construction to suit every budget
  • 5 Year warranty

So as you can see the XP Deus 2 has a lot to offer in terms of versatility, not to mention the online help and tuitions, mainly from the Skill School.
Depending on budget and uses, you have a choice of the RC configuration (left) or the WS6 master pictured on the right.

XP Deus 2 find the best deal on Amazon
XP Deus WS6 master metal detector in a muddy field

If you would like to know more about the XP Deus 2, why not have a look at the Skill School video channel where we have a host of metal detecting reviews.