If you are like me, you have several metal detecting aids gathering dust in the garage, why do we keep buying them?.
I guess it is our natural desire to have the best kit available at any given time.
Up until recently I have been using a tactical harness with a bag on the back, this sounded like a great idea, however this design had a massive disadvantage, I found due to the rear pouch it was just about impossible to carry a rucksack, due to the obstruction.

Only £29.99

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Introducing the Viper tactical harness

My problems are now solved, I can get all my accessories such as finds pouch, phone pouch and pin pointer holder all on the belt, and carry a rucksack without problems.
The Viper range come in 3 colours, Black, Coyote and Olive Green which is a very good match to the XP accessories.

Why use a tactical harness

When you think about it, you are carrying a lot of weight while out metal detecting, and a single belt has a tendency to slip because very often the strap clasps are not up to the job.

Weight distribution is the key
with a tactical harness, the weight is evenly distributed across the shoulders and the waist.

The Molle system
With the Molle system you can just about attach anything you need to the Viper Tactical Skeleton Harness, so this tactical harness can be adapted to your needs, for very little cost.

Man metal detecting on a beach with blue sky

The Viper tactical skeleton metal detecting harness is available from Amazon – link at the top of the page..

Your Can see the Viper harness in action over on the Skill School channel