Why do I love this Ulanzi MT44 tripod

I have finally found a compact tripod that works for me, the MT44 is small and very robust, well done Ulanzi.
I could open a shop with the amount of tripods I have purchased to make my metal detecting and outdoor tech reviews, I have literally spent hundreds of pounds.
All I really wanted was something robust, could handle a phone or a camera with a tripod screw. The biggest issue for me was carrying a sturdy tripod, a camera, a spade and a metal detector all at the same time….It simply does not work.
Introducing the Ulanzi MT44

Ulanzi mt44 compact travel tropod pictured next to a mobile phone

So what makes this MT44 so special

Before we get into that let’s talk a little about Ulanzi as a company.
Those of you in the camera world will be well aware of all the innovative products they have, it’s not just tripods, in fact there is way to much to mention, so I would suggest you take a look at the Ulanzi web site.

As you can see the Ulanzi MT44 is a compact sturdy unit and capable of holding a mobile phone and a decent sized camera.
These are not the MT44’s only selling points.

The tripod legs have a fluid movement and have a wide footprint, which inspires confidence when filming in windy conditions with the pole fully extended.

Ulanzi MT44 tripod holding a mobile phone in its closed position
ulanzi MT44 tripod holding a camera
Ulanzi MT 44 strong ball mount

The top bracket opens up to make a phone holder the depth is quite shallow so some phone cases may cause problems.

When the top bracket is folded there is a 1/4″ tripod screw, so any camera can be securely mounted.

As you can see the ball head is very chunky, the locking scew works well. This ball head also allows landscape or portrait modes.

Ulanzi MT 44 fully extended

Not only does the MT44 act as a tripod, it can also be used as a long or short selfie stick, when in any level of extension it can be securely locked off with the locking collar.
Also included in the package is a miniature Bluetooth controller.

The Ulanzi MT 44 gets a massive 10/10 from the Skill School.

Travel tripod MT44 in its close position