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XP Xtrem Hunter review by Gary Blackwell

The time is here, thanks to the XP FMF technology, we have a Multi Frequency, all weather twin box deep seeker with a 5 year warranty, wireless connectivity, compatible with the Deus II platform.
plus some moderate iron rejection and cool features thrown in for good measure, such as noise cancel and a rolling graphic on-screen display.

Twin box deep seeking metal detector

The XP Xtrem is very different to your normal metal detector

The operation is very different to conventional detectors as you simply walk with the coils and not sweep from side to side

Why multi frequency?

Conventional twin box machines have always operated using a single low frequency, those of you who have used them in the past will be aware of the constant tuning required to keep a mildly usable working platform, I have used twin box machines several times over the years and it has always ended in frustration.

Is the XP Xtrem a hobby machine?

I guess the Xtrem will appeal to several different markets, Archaeologists, industrial surveys, military hunters, to mention a few.
But I do think it will appeal to people like myself, your everyday hobby detectorists, so I have decided to base this article around my thoughts and how it may appeal to my fellow detectorists.

What is the Ideal search height?

I find the ideal search height is somewhere between the knee and the hip, I very often find it easier to hold the Xtrem by the frame.
Remember to remove all metallic items from about your person

Good metal detecting practice
XP Xtrem remove metallic items
the correct way to look for buried treasure
XP Xtrem marking out targets

The rolling graphic screen

metal detector screen showing ferrous and non-ferrous targets

The screen gives a real time display as you search, and shows target duration and intensity which can really help to identify potentially deep targets, I really like the way you can freeze-frame the interface in order to take a better look

Experience has taught me to trust this machine when it shouts…it’s there.

One interesting experiment springs to mind, I was out with Paul on a training session, when the Xtrem lit up with a huge signal, we quickly marked out a line of cones, which was clearly a pipe, the signal was so loud it had to be very near to the surface.
In reality, the target was a pipe 3 meters down.

And when tested with the XP Deus 2, the metal detector did not give a signal.
So over the short time I have been using the XP Xtrem, I have learned to trust it.

“If it shouts – There is something there”

Professional metal detector user explaining the best practices
Useful features

Frequency scan

Allows the operator to find a clean channel free from EMI, as soon as you switch on the Xtrem, it will make an automatic frequency scan, there is also a manual frequency shift option.

Disc IAR

IAR – Iron rejection

This sets the level of Iron rejection, 0 is off and 5 is maximum, maximum will not reject all Iron.
It may be worth noting that the IAR channel is motion, where as the detect channel is non-motion.
So for the IAR to work at it’s best, you will need forward and back coil movement

My experience

Without wishing to state the obvious, larger targets at depth is it’s specialist subject…. Will it find a small jam jar full of coins, possibly on a good day. Target mass will play a big part in your success.

Let’s take the Jersey hoard for example, from what I understand, this was a solid mass of individual targets all fused together and the perfect prey for a twin box machine.
Another advantage the Xtrem offers is it’s ability to naturally ignore surface targets including small nails, this is down to the search height and coil configuration, it will see beyond the surface contamination, whereas conventional machines can be confused by surface targets and this will greatly decreases depth capabilities.

The XP Xtrem is not an everyday metal detector, I would class it as a “specialist machine”
No, not exactly, and I must say, this is where the Xtrem has opened my eyes in many ways, it has been a valuable asset for what I call my “box ticking exercises”

Here is my XP Xtrem video review

Watch the XP Xtreme video here

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