The metal detector update debate

Metal detector updates have been around for a few years now, they are a common feature on the higher end machine, however I have a theory I want to discuss with you about the advantages and disadvantages of updating.

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XP Deus 2 metal detector sitting in long grass showing the screen

Are updates for specific countries?

When a new metal detector is released, more often than not it is very quickly updated, is it bug fixes or to keep certain markets happy?
For example:
America has a different desired target range to Europe, can one size fit all?

Rewind 20 years

Back in the day, Tesoro, Whites, Garrett and Fisher were known to us Brits as Dollar and Dime machines.
The discrimination ranges and operating frequencies were heavily influenced towards having less sensitivity towards Pull Tabs and Foil.
For detectorists in other parts of the world, these were our desired target ranges.
So in order to get the best out of our machines, we had to learn our craft and find workarounds.

Queen Elizabeth 1st coin in a hand

So what has changed?

Moving forward to the modern day metal detecting, I think software has changed, allowing the user to make fine adjustments to their metal detector to suit their desired target ranges.
But is this the complete story, let’s look beyond the user software, what about the core software installed by the manufacturers.

This is where things can get interesting
Sure, manufacturers need to fix bugs in the software, and a software update is the logical solution.
However, how much is bug fixing, and how much is keeping certain markets pacified.

Foil masking – is it a problem?
I recently read that the guys in the US were reporting problems with foil masking big silver coins, and for a short time this became the trend and was the topic of many discussions.
Manufacturers hurried to fix the problem….. But was it a problem for European detectorists?
OK I get it, the guys in the US want the best they can get, and why wouldn’t they, but I can’t help thinking when a manufacturer releases an update for one metal detecting demographic, they are possibly taking away the magic for another.
Perhaps a solution would be to offer 2 or 3 update versions, depending on where in the world you hunt.

“Earlier versions were deeper”
That’s the most common buzzword, personally I don’t think that is the issue, manufacturers would not release an update that has less depth, it would be financial madness.
I think what is possibly happening could be a lack of understanding of the new update, for example, parameters may have changed within certain features, the audio may be different, new features may require learning, the list goes on.
Could it be possible that every metal detector requires a workaround in order to get the maximum performance on a set piece of land?
Paul and I demonstrated this at last year’s Detectival, on the XP test bed, showing the advantages of the Deus 2 version 1.1 compared to earlier versions in mineralized soil.

New added features
Sometimes an update can offer new added features to further your metal detecting experience, this in many cases is a good thing, if the features are something you will never use, it’s quite possibly worth sticking with the version you have.
My XP Deus 2 currently runs version 2.0 because of the integration with the XP Xtrem,
On 2 of my “non XP” machines, I run much earlier versions because they suit me and the sites I am searching.

Finding some common ground

The metal detecting community

This is where we all need to work together on social media and within clubs.
Very often there will be a set of parameters that work well in your area.
Talk to the locals, and of course watch the Skill School videos to stay up to date with the latest developments and hacks.

Is there 1 program that fits all?
Probably not, Factory programs are designed to work well on a wide range of soils and targets, but sometimes you need a little extra.
There is one approach that fits all and thats learning your machine before hitting the socials and remember there will be good metal detecting days and bad, so we can not always blame the machine or the update version.

XP Deus 2 metal detector showing the new Tekkna programme
An old coin in a hole discovered with a metal detector