i Scooter IX6

The ix6 scooter from i scooter has some very interesting features, let’s take a deep dive and see what it has to offer.

Technical specs

The IX6 has been labelled “Off Road” based on the grippy tyres, full suspension front and rear and high ground clearance.

Tech specs and review

Man pictured with an off-road e scooter looking at camera

Front and rear shock absorbers
Both front and rear suspension units are fully adjustable, I found out of the box, the ride was very stiff, so I slackened the springs slightly.

The front and rear mudguards are made from ABS which makes them flexible and not prone to cracking and breakage like metal units

E scooter pictured in a field of green grass
Modern e scooter with rear disc brake close up

120mm mechanically operated vented disc brakes front and rear pull the i scooter up without any problems.
Because the IX6 has a rear motor, it also acts as an engine brake when off the throttle.

The IX6 came ready to go.

Construction was simple, just lift the handlebar stem, clip it into place and lock.
Lift the handlebar ends up and lock with the screw collar
The only item I had to manually fit was the headlight.
The overall frame is made out of aircraft grade Aluminium.

Key features

Mechanical 120mm disc brakes
NFC keyless ignition
Quad suspension
3 power modes – Eco – Normal – Turbo

On screen display and menus

Turbo mode for offroad

Power modes

The i scooter IX6 has 3 power modes, Eco, Normal, and Turbo.
There is also an option to unlock the top speed.
However, be prepared to take a hit on the battery life / range when in Turbo mode.

Menu navigation
This was a little frustrating as the manual is a little vague, and you have to really work things out for yourself. I did watch some YouTube instructions, but they were really not much better.
To unlock the i-scooter – turn on and press the M button 5 times.

i scooter iX6 has a neat lighting system including brake lights and indicators.

The rear mudguard has plenty of clearance, combined with the chunky tyres it should be perfect for rough terrain.

The throttle tab is easy to access with 2 start modes – Push away then throttle or throttle and go.

IX 6 Transportation

The IX6 folds down in seconds and can easily be lifted into a vehicle.

The handlebars do collapse down, but I found it not to be necessary when transporting.

There is a small locking clamp on the rear mudguard, just to secure everything.

Near Field Communication
The NFC tags are a nice addition, allowing the rider to quickly touch the back of the screen in order to turn the IX 6 on

The IX6 is equipped with LED lights, an ambient board light and even directional indicators.

I scooter IX6 pictured with a moody sunset in the background
My thoughts so far

The i-Scooter IX6 offers several features at a good price.

The i-scooter IX6 has a lot to offer.

I fully understand there are more expensive E Scooters out there – If it performs as good as it looks we will have a winner!

  • Front and rear disc brakes and quad suspension.
  • 1000 W motor with 3 power levels.
  • Off road design with full lighting kit.

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If you want to find out more about the i-scooter ix6 please visit the link below.
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E scooter with English fields in the background

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