My first association with an E Bike

Up until now I have never really paid much attention to E Bikes, then something catches your eye and the cogs in your mind start working.

That’s what happened to me when I was casually walking the dogs, when a guy on a bike stopped to talk about my German Shepherds.
The conversation soon got on to the bike he was riding, which was an Engwe Engine Pro.

Later that evening I started watching videos and within a week I was the proud new owner.

This little bike boasts some interesting features, full suspension, disc brakes front and rear, 10″ knobbly tyres, full lighting kit.

Having used the bike off-road I would say the suspension is usable but not brilliant compared to a high-end mountain bike, however it is an entry level machine packed with features and a reasonable price of around £1400 delivered.

Amazon price £1349.00

Engwe engine pro best e bike prices on Amazon

The observant amongst you will see its folding and can easily fit into a large(ish) car, I found that it was quite heavy so removing the battery makes life a little easier.

So my Engwe adventure begins

man crouching in front of e bike with hills in the background

Power and performance

Not exactly for UK roads as the power output is 750w, topping out at 1000w, plus it has a throttle assist which really helps get off the line.

There are 5 levels of pedal assist, along with a Shimano 8 speed transmission.

How do I plan to use this Engwe Engine Pro

  • Mainly Off-Road for metal detecting.

  • For getting about on club events and rallys.

  • Beach metal detecting.

  • Field hopping and looking for potential area’s of interest.

Will it work for me

My thoughts
I think it will, the motor combined with powered pedal assist will get me pretty much anywhere providing the ground is not to heavy .

My modifications
There will be a spade carrier.
Tube glue to stop punctures.
Sponge handlebar grips.

So to answer my original question – Are E-Bikes really worth it, my answer is 100% YES!

Your Can watch my review video Here